Saturday, September 13, 2008


Last weekend I visited the Brewery Art Centre in Cirencester. I understand it has recently been refurbished and is certainly worth a visit. There you can see a small book making workshop and an exhibition in the gallery. There is some beautiful woven fabric; I could have bought a unique and extremely expensive outfit. There were woven hangings which incorporated strips of digital photographs. I haven’t seen that idea before. I didn’t have long to look round so I can’t give you any artists’ names other than the felt maker Sarah Brooker.

The lovely felt there gave me the push to get out the bamboo blind and have a go at felting again.These little chaps were supposed to be beaded but I kind of like them as they are.
They seem like a little family just about to flee the cave and start life in the big world beyond. The idea for the photo was partly inspired by the header on this interesting blog, which always has some links worth following up.


  1. Lucky thing, I love the Brewary Arts. I used to live in Cirencester and would just go there and absorb all the talent!

  2. Yes, lucky you. It is a great place to go and it is so inspiring. I go there when I need a special treat.

  3. I love these felt creations, they're gorgeous. Oh, and I also have 'heaps'......spare bedroom heaps!


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