Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lemon Skin

Continuing with a theme for once, at least for a short time, I have worked on the close up of the lemon skin. I machined into the Indian rag paper, and tried some hand stitching. Eventually I added some lace and wax, and then some French Knots on top.

I also tried waxing over dress pattern tissue. It’s quite hard to get the effect over in a photo which is largely tactile due to the layers of wax.
I also did another collage using a photo of a banana plant leaf; the photo being much better than my artwork.
At the weekend we went to Art in Action at Waterperry Gardens. Some of the work was amazing, especially that of an embroiderer called Rosalind Wyatt who was showing how she uses stitched letters on antique textiles. Also inspiring was the felt work of Heather Belcher who uses a heat press (don’t ask me, I never heard of one before) to incorporate her drawings onto felt. My head was buzzing with new ideas, and of course I wanted to try them all - and all at once!!


  1. I love your lemon piece. Amazingly accurate stitching.I know what you mean about Art in Action. I went last year and a couple of years before. Its such a lovely event.

  2. Envious of your trip to Art in Action. Its such an inspiriny ( and expensive!) place to go to.

  3. Love your lemons inspiration.


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