Sunday, May 18, 2008

Here is a link to the tutorial for this bagsket. I enjoyed making this
as something of a distraction after the end of my course. It has been
such a hectic time since last September that it feels odd now to have
no clear purpose for all my creative urges. I think it’s just a
matter of going with it until life settles into a more usual routine
once again.
As requested, I will post a recipe for the print paste soon.

I think I used a thicker fabric than in the original, which resulted in the base being quite difficult to attach. The instructions are really clear but beware it takes a lot of time and concentration. The separate lining has a row of small pockets which should make it nice and useful.


  1. Lovely basket but I couldn't find the link. Is it just me?!

  2. Quite right, it was there at one stage. I have put the actual link in and tested it - should get you there now!

  3. Love this, very hobo, are the handles made from Yarn?


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