Tuesday, February 12, 2008


In the library at University College for the Creative Arts there is a really interesting display of reconstructed books which have been made by the Foundation students. I think the difference from ‘altered’ books is this seems to be mainly about restructuring the book in some way, rather than decorating or painting. Some of you may know more about this than I do. We did a project where we took in an object which had some meaning to us and then were asked to take it apart and reconstruct it in a meaningful way. I took photos as I didn’t really want to cut up clothing or furniture. Back to the books; I really liked the tactile look of them and had to have a go. I bought my paperback from a charity shop, but it was still a bit hard to start folding the pages. This is my first effort, with some thread and wax added.

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  1. Hi Jackie

    just saw your comment, you're right we are similar. I love the visual image of the written word and really want to encourage viewers to see before reading, I think folding is a great way of showing this off.


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