Thursday, April 05, 2007

Happy Easter

This is a small bowl, 4 1/2 inches, that I made this week from merino tops. The band round the outside is made from Suffolk/Jacob cross fleece which I washed myself. It was felted in rather than being added later. Inside I have added whisps of flax. I am pleased with it; the best bit is how light it feels.


  1. raspberry11:54 PM

    Really lovely :) It looks a lot firmer than mine, I think you must felt stuff for a lot longer than me!!

  2. I like this felted creation!!Will visit your blog again! Greetings Barbara

  3. vliesofix!? I think its also called wonderunder. You can iron it on fabric with both side of the wonderunder. Its good for applications.You cut the application and iron vliesofix on the a. then iron both on top of another fabric. OK?? i don'T know, if my english is good enough to teach you well. Warm regards Barbara

  4. Lovely work, very nice blog


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