Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hadrian's Wall

I’ve recently finished this piece, but it has a history of over a year. I started it when I was asked to do a demonstration of free machine stitching at a local library. I backed a piece of calico with felt and worked to a photo I had taken from Hadrian’s Wall.
Although I persevered with it I didn’t really like it. Somehow, right at the end, it came together. I have a love hate relationship with Bullion Knots, always trying to conquer them, and then the one line, the green gimp in the second picture seemed to make all the difference. Sometimes it just pays to put something aside and keep thinking about how to make it work.


  1. Vicki8:43 PM

    It was worth the wait - it's lovely!

  2. Oh - I love this. Great use of colour, texture and stitching :)

  3. It's gorgeous. Love the colors and all that texture is fab. Really like the composition of the stitching.

  4. This piece has a lot going for it. Love the colors and the textures.
    Well done, Jackie.

  5. I love this! Wonderful!!!

  6. this is spectacular!

    neki desu

  7. raspberry9:02 AM

    I love the lavender/heather at the bottom, wonderful :)


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