Sunday, March 05, 2006

A room with a view

There seems to have been a move to spring clean.Over on smarcoux there is a pic of an impressive fabric stash. I am always moving things around to try to make more space. I've recently been given a set of shelves which has made a huge difference.
For some reason I think its always interesting to see other peoples working space. Let me know if you post a picture of your work space - so I can come over and have a look.
I am fortunate in having a great and inspiring view.


  1. For fun I decided to take some snaps of my studio. I like your view. I have a good view too, but much more enclosed, and too wintery and untidy to photograph right now!

  2. Love your view! I have none in my sewing room, except the neighbor's house - too close to mine. Interesting that you mention liking to see other's work spaces, I just posted a pic of the bookcase in my sewing room this morning. I'll go snap a couple more pics and post them too, if you want to come take a peek.


Comments are always much appreciated. Thank you.

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