Tuesday, March 16, 2021


The Post Card Challenge/Pattern Party has been running over on Instagram with lots of design prompts. I never knew that tiny flower patterns were called Ditsy, or that clashing patterns were trending .My recent patchwork has ,however, been full of my own version of pattern clash.


Lots of improv patchwork. I like to find a new, to me, patch and try to fit it all together. Triangles, curved seams etc.. It is just something nice to pick up when the creative spirit is a bit low. You may notice that this trendy clash relies heavily on beautiful Waxed Fabrics sourced by my Ghanaian daughter-in-law She has been making some lovely bags, far more professional than mine, and is now starting to sell the fabrics she sources from Ghana.

AHUOFE means beautiful in Ghanaian, which the fabrics are , not only in the bright colours and patterns, but also the lovely sheen and feel of the waxed material. She is selling fat quarters, so an ideal way to give yourself a small treat.

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