Wednesday, March 07, 2012

'Stitched' Blog Hop Tut. Part 2

Now to make the fold book, decide on the pieces of printed fabric which you prefer. A useful tool is a card window made by cutting out two pieces of card at right angles.

These can be used to frame the areas of any design work to decide the area with which you would like to work.
Cut out the pieces of fabric about three by two and half inches. Use pinking shears for a decorative edge or fray the edges by removing a few threads on each side. Choose some white and some black pieces.
Here are instructions on how to cut and fold the card. Perhaps try it out on scrap paper first.
Fold 1.

Fold 2

Fold 3 & 4

Spread the card with its folds out in front of you and make a T shaped cut as shown outlined in white. A sharp blade and a safety ruler are ideal. If you use a blade gently stroke the line to be cut rather than trying cut in one stroke.

Your card should now nicely concertina into a folded book.

 Now add the fabric pieces working on both the back and front pages of the book. Fix with foam dots or glue. Use a white pen to give the front cover a title of your choice.
Decide how you want to fasten the book. You could use ribbon. A nice idea is to measure a piece of the printed fabric about eight and a half inches long by four times the finished width. Fold the edges in and stitch. Add a fastener, a small popper or similar.


  1. Your little book is lovely.I really like your printed fabric, it fits in perfectly with what I am doing at the moment as I am working in black and white, but I'm desperate to add some colour. The blog hop is a great idea.

  2. really cool Jackie.

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. I've had printing on the brain. I really love seeing all the objects you used and the textures they created.

  4. This is super cute! Can't wait to dig in and try it!


  5. Its looks very cute and easy to make,are these available in some more colors?

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    membership card printing


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