Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Blog Hop Tut..

In this tutorial you will print fabric with ‘found objects’ and use your ‘prints’ to decorate a simple fold book.

Small pieces of both black and white fabric.
Found objects.
Black and white acrylic paint.
Sponge pieces.
A padded surface, such as a plastic bag over newspaper; or wrap a towel round a piece of board and cover this with a sturdy plastic bag.
Masking tape.
An A4 piece of black card.
Foam dots or glue.
A white gel pen.
Ribbon or a small popper for the book fastener.

Look around for lids, cotton reels, pieces of foam or card, combs, nails etc. to print your patterns. Beware, you will never want to throw this type of ‘stuff’ away again.  All sorts of packaging material will become addictive and begin to hold wondrous possibilities. In short you will soon run out of space.

For printing you need to tape your piece of fabric to a padded
surface. You will dab the paint onto the object, being careful not to use too heavy an application of paint. You may want to dab onto a piece of tissue before you print. Keep practising until you get a feel for the right amount of paint.

Old cotton reels make some of my favourite shapes and are often quite intricate.
Print one shape inside another. Overlap shapes. Use a piece of card to make crosses etc. Build up patterns.
Corks are useful. Print with them as they are or carefully cut out a simple shape at one end.

If you have some old embossed cards, I don’t suggest you use your credit card, but perhaps an old membership card of some kind, you can print with them to add letters and numbers. They will of course be in reverse. Using scissors you can cut shapes out of the plastic to add more interest.

So enjoy yourselves and I will be back later to show you how to 
 make a fold book and decorate it.


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  2. Thank you for a fun and stress free project!

  3. This is great Jackie.
    Thank you for sharing.

    I look forward to part 2 of your tutorial.


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  5. Looking forward to trying this-thanks for a fun project!

  6. The prints look like some black and white photos. I also never thought of using the credit card to make a print. I will keep that in my "definitely try this" pile.


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